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Is your nonprofit organization searching for a reputable website design company to work with? iComEx creates beautiful, functional non-profit and association websites!

Most nonprofits have their own unique needs when it comes to using the web. Of course, all nonprofits need a website that looks great and is easy to use. The site also needs to resonate with visitors and inspire them to take action and support the organization's cause. iComEx can build you a web site using the best practices for nonprofit website design, helping your organization use its website to connect with your supporters and ultimately do more good in the communities you serve.

iComEx loves working with nonprofits. All of us at iComEx have histories of working with various nonprofit organizations. If you want to know more, you can read a bit more about our team.

Better Nonprofit Website Design

While looking around the internet, one can see a lot of nonprofits that could be getting a lot more out of their web presence. iComEx gets really fired up about leveraging web marketing technologies to help organizations do more of the good stuff they are already doing in their communities. iComEx has worked with non-profit organizations around the United States, from local churches and community non-profits to national organizations and trade associations.

iComEx sites are powered by a modern Content Management System, which allows your organization's staff to easily edit content, add audio or video files, build volunteerism, accept donations, and more. iComEx works hard to stay up-do-date on the latest technologies, and online strategies for growth and development, implementing the latest best practices on each websites.

Nonprofit Pricing

iComEx gets asked regularly about discounts for non-profit organizations. iComEx understands that some non-profits are often on very tight budgets. As a means of corporate tithing, iComEx sets aside a portion of our annual production capacity to work on nonprofit projects at a discounted rate. Each organization and its project is reviewed to determine suitability for this program.

When it comes to pricing for non-profits there are a few things iComEx thinks about:

  1. A percentage off our normal rate
  2. Pro bono, cutting our rate entirely “for the public good”
  3. A service trade, where the client can offer a product or service that’s useful (although this is actually better suited to for-profit clients)
  4. Full rate (we might call them non-profits, but they’re still businesses with design budgets, needing to turn a profit to grow)

Most of our clients are for-profit businesses, but when non-profit gets in touch, sometimes iComEx choose one option, sometimes another. It depends on our workload and how strongly we feel about the cause. When a client needs a reduced rate that we can’t offer, we will always be happy to give feedback on ideas for no charge — a kind of free non-profit consultation.

To apply for this program click here.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready For A New Website?

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