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iComEx works with the leading professional auctioneer software developers, state-of-the-art content management systems, and online marketing solutions, to provide traditional auctioneers with the online tools you need to maintain your website, market your online auctions, and provide you with the ability to conduct online auctions with the same level of control as you have when you conduct live auctions.

Auctioneers have been facilitating people buying and selling things through auction for centuries. In recent years, online auctions have become one of the most popular web-based business models. While many auction software products have popped up as a result of this popularity, very few of those solutions are actually designed with the professional auctioneer in mind. You have invested time, effort and money in becoming a licensed professional auctioneer. If you specialize in a specific auction market, such as heavy equipment, farm equipment, industrial equipment and machinery, government, automobiles, boat, aircraft, collectibles, etc., the iComEx online auction solutions are well suited to this environment, as well as general consigned merchandise auctions.

The iComEx team can help you extend your professional auction business on to the internet by designing a cost-effective website that meets your requirements. Auction event scheduling, item cataloging, bid closing, secure payments and more are all done under your company brand.

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