Hourly Rates

The iComEx base hourly rate for services is currently $125.00 per billable staff-hour.

A staff-hour is the amount of work performed by an average worker in one hour. It is used as a measure of the total amount of uninterrupted labor required to perform a task. For example, researching and writing an extensive article or white paper for your web site may take twenty man-hours. Color correcting and rendering 100 images for your web site may require ten staff-hours.


  • 1 staff member takes 1 hour to complete a task = 1 Billable Staff-Hour ($110.00)
  • 3 staff member take 3 hours each to complete a task = 9 Billable Staff-Hours ($990.00)

Staff-hours do not take account of the breaks that human beings generally require from work, e.g. for rest, eating and other normal functions. They only count pure labor. Our managers count the staff-hours and add break time to estimate the amount of real time a task will actually take to complete. Thus, while a simple web site project might require twenty man-hours to carry out, it almost certainly will not get done in twenty consecutive hours. Its progress will be interrupted by work for other projects, meals, sleep and other normal office distractions.

You are only billed for the actual staff-hours required to produce your project or complete your requested task.

Rush Charges

Our standard turn-around time to service client requests is three (3) working days. Working days are defined as a single 24-hour period spanning across our normal business hours of Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

  • Tasks that a client requests to be completed within two (2) working days: 150% Rush Charge = Base Hourly Rate ($110.00) x 150% = $165.00 per billable staff-hour.
  • Tasks that a client requests to be completed within one (1) working day: 200% Rush Charge = Base Hourly Rate ($110.00) x 200% = $220.00 per billable staff-hour.
  • Tasks that a client requests to be completed the same working days: 250% Rush Charge = Base Hourly Rate ($110.00) x 250% = $275.00 per billable staff-hour.


The base iComEx hosting fees are $50.00 per month for our standard hosting plan. This fee may be augmented depending on the needs of your web site.

All web site and email hosting plans include a complimentary 1/4-hour per month customer support time for web site or email technical support services. Complimentary time is not cumulative month-to-month. All additional technical support time will be billed immediately, at the then-current hourly rate, in 1/4-hour increments.

Email account billing listed above is an approximate figure based on the estimated number of email accounts to be used. Monthly fees for email accounts and filtering services will be adjusted and billed at the highest number of active accounts during any given billing period. Active accounts are those accounts that are actively receiving or sending email, or are configured on the email server, at iComEx's sole discretion.


The standard iComEx hosting plan includes up to 5GB of monthly bandwidth for data transfer. Additional bandwidth usage in access of the included 5GB is billed at $3.00/GB per month.

Last Revised 8/1/2014

iComEx has clients in states across our nation such as Colorado, Louisiana, Oregon, and many others.