Generating Leads For Success

Potential Business Success

For the past 20 years, iComEx has watched, learned, and listened to many industry professionals as they trained us to understand modern business strategies online. With the best of the best keeping watch, we also learned those strategies which could fail. The best knowledge we have learned is that on any given day, and depending on what your stated goals are and what is going on industry wide, things are going to change. Industry specifics, your company goals, your marketing approach and strategies are really what matters.

Generating leads means you have to speak to someone about who you are. How you do that may be different every month and may be determined by industry standards, or by the products and services you provide. But for any and all contact, one point everyone agrees with across the board is, it's absolutely necessary to learn to how to generate leads for any business online. Does this mean you let go of conventional principals of marketing? The resounding answer should be NO. Offline marketing on a budget is still a great way to receive leads, obtain new customers, and target local, regional, state, and national markets. Lead generation and SWAG are critical to the successful company.

Offline Tips & Tactics: Lead Generation For Your Business

  • Overlap online and offline methods need to be complimentary
  • Use techniques with objective goals in mind
  • Find the right mix for your company needs based on products or services
  • Be sure to track all marketing with prompts to call or email for more information
  • URL's need to have specific page offerings and leaves an analytics trail behind for evaluation of success
  • Billboard, brochures, flyers and tracked links can benefit your potential clients
  • Remember face to face content can still supersede anything you might send in any capacity
  • Offer unique ways to interface, conventions, business raves, and things that draw crowds in your industry can be successfully integrated
  • Be sure to have great leave behinds to achieve more SWAG
  • Don't forget about direct purpose offerings designed for regular mail that link to your professional website or offerings
  • Advertise success is hard work, don't have unreal expectations
  • Remember To Use SWAG to your best advantage

What is SWAG anyway? Any type of promotional merchandise. It's quite literally everywhere if you look. Company names are on TV, sports arenas, giveaways, pens, magnets, key chains, mugs, frisbees, backpacks, T-shirts, and on and on. Quality, effective branding is achieved when done the right way for the right reasons, and is directed to the people who are interested in your products and services. Brand awareness must be appealing to your potential client. Connecting to your target rich audience means success in today's digital age. Risk is minimal and promotional merchandising can be done well for every business. Bottom line, is you must get your name, brand, service or product out there for people to see you and then discover how you may be able to help them.

You can also achieve familiarity with your brand and get a jump on your competitors within your industry. Be sure to provide support to your growing reputation within the industry you serve. Specifics are required here because trust is earned. First hand experience over time is a great way to build the qualities people in business look for. The purpose of swag is to provide not just something that potential customers can take with them, but something they can and want to use, either now or in the near future. iComEx also believes that you can introduce SWAG in a variety of ways other than a physical mementos with branding awareness on them.

Making sure you know who we are is our job. If you need a professionally managed business website, please contact us here at iComEx 972-712-2100. For over 20 years we have been watching, learning, growing, and executing business strategy. Most of our clients have been with us from the beginning. As you grow, you will always have new needs, goals, and opportunities with your corporate entity. Transition at maximum efficiency means you will stay relevant and in demand. Always be looking for new clients, new products and services which will attract your new clients, and take care of them well, while you have them...

Referral business  builds trust in any industry. Contact iComEx today and let's get started in developing more success for your business!

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