Spin NockTM

Faster • Quieter • Deadly Accurate

Spin NockTurn your shooting from “almost” to “dead on” with Spin Nock; the latest advance in archery science.

Every archer knows that the fletching is designed to spin the arrow for stabilization, thereby increasing accuracy. The problem is that an arrow can’t start spinning until it separates from the bow string.  Because the string is torqued to one side, at the moment the nock separates from the string, the torqued string straightens causing the arrow to spin in the wrong direction. This increases drag, decreases accuracy, and increases noise.

That’s where Spin Nock comes in.

Spin Nock allows the arrow to start spinning independently of the string, eliminating all of these problems.

See how the Spin Nock compares against a standard nock in this slow motion video. Spin Nock clearly spins up faster, without any reverse spinning common to a standard nock. The standard nock doesn’t start spinning until half way to the target. In the same time, the Spin Nock has already stabilized and thereby increased the arrows accuracy.

Spin Nock fits all standard and small diameter arrows and weighs the same as a standard nock. With just one try, you’ll notice a dramatic difference. You’ll soon be shooting at greater distances with far more accuracy, with less noise.If you are not completely satisfied, return it for a complete refund. Spin Nock will do for arrows what rifling did for bullets.Spin Nock will be available soon! Please check back with us.

Welcome Spin Nock to the iComEx family! For all sports enthusiasts alike, we look forward to working with Dale and his staff in the coming years!

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