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iComEx - Google Releases Cyber Attack NumbersNumbers from a Google board member regarding the number of cyber attacks each and every month were released.  In March, many of our clients were surprised to learn that security had become a big issue for both their business websites and emails.

Increasing attacks from around the world have forced companies both large and small to consider other alternatives for keeping clients information secure. iComEx is taking advantage of new technology out there to help with these state sponsored attacks.

In March, iComEx notified our clients:

"Beginning on March 1, 2016 iComEx will start the process of moving all of our client's email account from the current email services, that are shared on the web site servers, to the new dedicated email servers. We will be in contact with each client to coordinate this transition. In dealing with the increase in hacking activity, iComEx is in the process of drafting new policies regarding compromised email accounts and websites, implementing new security audit procedures and developing new service offerings that include managed backup & restoration services and hacking remediation & repair services."

Here Is What Google Says About This Serious Issue In July 2016:

A senior executive of Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) Google unit said on Monday that the company was notifying customers of 4,000 state-sponsored cyber attacks per month. The APT notification ran rate was disclosed by Google senior vice president and Alphabet board member Diane Greene during a Fortune magazine tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, Reuters Jonathan Weber reports.

Google began notifying users about suspected incidents of government-backed hacking attempts since 2012, in response to hacking attacks against it and other tech giants subsequently blamed on China. Other household names in tech including Facebook and Twitter followed suit with state-sponsored hack alerts for customers late last year.

Google, the internet search leader, which develops the Android mobile system and also offers email and a range of other applications for consumers, has led the way in notifying users of government spying. Others, including Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O), have since followed suit.

Google had previously said that it had been issuing tens of thousands of warnings every few months and that customers often upgrade their security in response. (John Leyden, The Register)

In an interview with InfoWorld, Greene also made some pretty interesting comparisons about today's companies, security of data across the board, and how a company relates to today's needs in data, email, applications, and analytics, using data.

As we see it here at iComEx, we agree with Diane Greene...Companies may be differentiating themselves based on how well they use their data to serve their customers better. Since nobody is secure anymore, more and more CEO's are looking for solutions that will facilitate creative use of applications, VMware, and the Cloud to provide what is needed in day to day operations.

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